Comparing Online Marketplaces: Which Platform Is Right for Selling Kitchen Equipment?


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Comparing Online Marketplaces: Which Platform Is Right for Selling Kitchen Equipment?

Do you have your eye set on kitchen appliance upgrades but first need to get rid of your old equipment to free up funds or space? We’ve got your back. Whatever reason you have to sell your kitchen equipment, knowing where to sell is just as much important as how. We’ll help you out with the former, and a little bit of the latter as well, as we pit the best online restaurant kitchen equipment marketplaces against each other. By the end of this article, you should know just where to go to get top dollar for your kitchen machinery.

  1. Industbay

Flagging of our compilation at the head of the list is the super endearing platform that is Industbay. This industrial machine marketplace has made a name for itself on account of its intimate buyer-seller networks, where middle persons are thrown out of the equation to ensure direct relationships. 

The pros of selling your kitchen equipment online with Industbay are: 

  • Ready buyers willing to pay good money: Thanks to extensive connections with local brick-and-mortar stores as well as international buyers, options are abundant in terms of who to sell kitchen machinery to
  • Accepts both new and used equipment: Whether you’re one of the kitchen equipment suppliers Dubai has to offer or are a restaurant owner seeking to turn equipment you’ve used into cash, Industbay lets you sell both new and used kitchen tools
  • Fast turn around on sales: Industbay has also amassed a reputation for its low or fast turn around time, ensuring you get the equipment off your hands sooner rather than later

Industbay’s most distinguishing quality has to be its direct buyer-2-seller connectivity, which takes out all the hassles in making a sale. 

  1. Webstrauant Store

With an employee base of 461 Americans and counting, Webstrauant Store is also an established name in the game when it comes to online restaurant kitchen equipment marketplaces. 

The best parts about selling with this platform include: 

  • Discounts of up to 75%: How is a discount important for a seller? Well, it’s simple. You get the chance to buy low during seasonal sales windows, then resale high thereafter
  • Friendly customer service: Webstrauant Store’s customer service is quite excellent. And when customer service is great, it means that the lead experience is similarly awesome, which is always a great thing for sales. 
  • Fast shipping: Because of their fast shipping, the platform has managed to grow its buyer pool tremendously over the years. The result is more audience for your kitchen machinery. 

The only downside with Webstrauant Store is that membership fees can be quite costly. This can eat into your profits, but the buyer activity justifies the expense, more so if you regularly sell commercial-grade kitchen equipment. 


Based in the United States, CHEF’STORE is also a solid place to get kitchen machinery sold to the highest bidder, so to speak. True to its name, the platform has become an eCommerce hub specially geared at uniting chefs and restaurants with various providers of kitchen supplies. 

You’ll need however to know your stuff as you’ll be directly relating with industry experts, but good products generally sell themselves. 

The upsides of using this platform encompass: 

  • Connect with decision-makers: From chefs to restaurant owners, CHEF’STORE’s biggest win is that you connect directly with decision-makers, increasing your chances of landing a good sale in record time
  • Lots of buyer incentives: For instance, the platform offers free shipping once order values surpass $100. This is good news for you as a seller as such buyer incentives win over more loyal customers who are likely to buy from you
  • Competitive pricing: While it does offer competitive prices to buyers, sellers have been known to fetch more than the fair price for a kitchen equipment’s value 

Simple to use and reliable, rely on CHEF’STORE to buy and sell industrial equipment of any kind. 

  1. KitchenRestock

KitchenRestock is an American wholesaler of restaurant appliances. It’s been at the top of its game for more than three decades and that means it has an expansive network and reputation that you can capitalize on to your advantage. 

Doing business with KitchenRestock opens up many doors of possibilities. Here are a few reasons why you should sell restaurant equipment on this platform:

  • Lease to own features. By providing buyers with simple and fast financing options, the platform only works to ensure you can close a deal quickly. That furthermore opens up the possibility to get even higher returns as lease-to-own formulas are usually more profitable than direct sales due to interest levies
  • Better Business Bureau Accreditation: This makes the platform trustworthy, improves SEO and generally elevates many other metrics that directly affect consumer interest
  • Worldwide shipping: You can sell your kitchen equipment to customers across all corners of the globe thanks to its global customer base and shipping offers. 
  1. Facebook Marketplace

Easily accessible with no upfront charges, Facebook Marketplace can be a goldmine. It leverages the planet’s biggest social media platform – with just shy of 3 billion monthly active users- giving sellers access to millions of buyers. 

Some of the benefits of using Facebook Marketplace to put up your restaurant kitchen equipment for sale include: 

  • Direct communication with buyers: Via Facebook messenger, you can directly connect with your buyers without the need for a costly third party. It’s easier and cost-effective to conduct sales although you’ve to do a lot of your own lead nurturing 
  • No charges: The absence of levies certainly means a higher profit margin for you as a seller
  • Geographic reach: You also have the option to use Facebook Marketplace’s geographical filter to display your kitchen equipment to sellers nearby, if you prefer to focus locally 

The problem with Facebook Marketplace is the lack of niche specialization, which can make it challenging to get qualified leads. Nonetheless, you can still make a good profit from your kitchen machinery. 

Pick of the bunch 

Your search for the best online kitchen equipment marketplace has come to an end. From Industbay to KitchenRestock, these are the best places to sell your kitchen equipment for maximum profits and minimal effort. Our pick of the bunch has to be Industbay, which emerges as such due to an excellent seller experience, huge profit margins, ease of sale, and the size of its buyer pool. It boasts one of the largest inventories for kitchen supplies but is still a scorching sales magnet. Get your kitchen equipment sold on Industbay today.

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